Security is a very broad term, and I won’t be able to list all the possibilities of security, but I’ve picked some of the most frequent asked security questions.


The best security, is a layered security. The more security features are implemented on different layers, the better your security is. Making it that much more difficult for hackers to breach it.


An endpoint or client (laptop/computer/server/…) should have Endpoint Security. The well known “Anti-virus” is a minimum, but is even not sufficient these days.


Data recovery

Lost data due to a blue screen? Or has your computer, external drive or NAS crashed? There might still be a chance your data can be recovered.

Over the years, I had multiple clients with these issues, and almost all of their data could be recovered!

Should you need assistance, contact me through the contact page. Describe what you experienced, what happened and I will contact you back to see how I can assist you.

Backup solutions

Experienced data loss? Or do you wish to prevent to lose data due to a crash or ransomware? For each person/company a customized solution is available from a simple external hard drive with software to a NAS or a backup server.

For a customized backup solution to your needs, contact me through my contact page and I’m sure we can find a solution just right for your problem.