SickRage split – New Repo!

by on 6th February 2016

The story I’m a heavy user of SickRage, a fork of SickBeard. Which you can use for downloading and maintaining TV series from Torrents. I noticed since half January 2016, that SickRage (which I run on Synology), wasn’t running smoothly anymore. The normal way to go is surfing to the forum and reporting it. […]

iOS app and data location

by on 29th December 2015

How to locate an app it’s location and it’s data This is a very simple blog post, just telling where to find it’s location. You can find the app at: /var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application And the app data at: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application However, those locations are full of folders with random strings as names. So either you can search one […]

Stop Apple photos from auto launching

by on 24th December 2015

Every time you connect a device or insert a SD card in your OS X device, Apple Photos auto launches, which is bloody irritating. If you want to prevent it for only one device you can ‘uncheck’ the ‘Open Photos for this device’ in Photos when your device is connected. But if you connect other devices, […]

How to delete the FortiGate default admin

by on 14th December 2015

This is only valid for 5.0 and 5.2 (at this time). It really irritating that you’re out-of-the box unable to remove the ‘admin’ account. Well, there is an easy workaround for it, and it’s provided by Fortinet itself! First, be sure there is a second account with ‘super_admin’ as profile. Logon (webGUI/SSH) with the second ‘super_admin’ […]

Where to find information Fortinet

by on 2nd December 2015

General information: Here you can find the following : Hardware manuals Reference manuals Administration guides Cookbook (recommended!) Release information And this for every version since 5.0 (there are some articles left of 4.3)(At the moment not available for 5.4 yet) Life cycle of hardware products: Contains the following interesting things: Life cycle Policy Life cycle […]

FortiGate : IPSec VPN troubleshooting

by on 12th November 2015

Troubleshooting IPSec VPN on FortiGate   Note : IP addresses of the customer were changed because of security reasons 🙂 There was a request to change the range we used in the Quick Mode Selector (Encryption domains). As so, I changed my side, and somebody else changed the other side. But we were unable to […]